Harbour Rd Rates

-> Full payment is required before launch - cash, credit card, or certified check.

-> Haul out includes day of haul and day of launch (24 hours).

-> Full lift includes- 

          Haul onto blocks to water

          Trailer to blocks to water

          Haul onto blocks to trailer*

          Trailer to blocks to trailer*

          Water to trailer*

          Trailer* to water

          *Extra charges for time spent to accommodate trailer configurations if required.


-> Half lift -

          45 minutes in slings (water to water)         


-> No "outside" pressure washers permitted in boat yard.

-> Power wash fee includes an environmental surcharge.

-> Haul out, layday fees, and bookings are different at our Canoe Cove location. Please contact us for details.

-> Moorage available subject to availability...contact our Harbour Road location for rates/services.